Saturday, 23 March 1985
Club Why-Nose
San Francisco, CA, USA
Details of this gig are questioned.
[No setlist details]
Flyers from Bill Gould posted on "Mabuhay Gardens - The Fab Mab" Facebook indicate Faith No More played "opening night" at "Club Why-Nose" on the 23rd March with "3 Mouse Guitars", while the 30th March included "Soldiers of Fortune" instead of "Faith No More".

A separate flyer from Schrodinger's Cat indicates FNM played with them on the 30th, and the bootleg of the night was always labelled the "30th" so it's assumed Faith No More moved the week after rather than play this gig.

Newspaper article about the opening doesn't mention Faith No More: San Francisco Examiner Thursday, March 21, 1985 - "1st you think that the South of Market area Is on the rise, there's a new club opening on 260 Shot well that's sure to drag it back down. Club Why-Nose will make its debut this Saturday night at 9 and for a $3 cover charge you can see the Three Mouse Guitars, a hot underground band"
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