Monday, 13 January 1986
San Francisco, CA, USA
with Redd Kross
Pills For Breakfast
New Beginnings
As The Worm Turns
Arabian Disco
The Jungle
with Madonna, "Dress You Up"
with Tears For Fears, "Shout"
The Crab Song
We Care A Lot

Mark Bowen
We Care A Lot cover
Introduce Yourself cover
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Audience recording
Flyer (via official FNM YouTube)
We Care A Lot band edition
Faith No More official YouTube channel

San Francisco Examiner, 5 Jan 1986, page 40 Datebook - I-Beam ad
San Francisco Examiner, 13 Jan 1986, page E6 - gig listing
San Francisco Chronicle, 12 Jan 1986, I-Beam ad

Video footage from this show is seen in the "laughing" part of Video Croissant after the interview snippets. The interview snippets are from 28th May 1986 City Beat interview.
26th July 2016 - "The Jungle" on Faith No More official YouTube channel
25th August 2016 - Entire show on Faith No More official YouTube channel
We Care A Lot band edition includes two tracks from this show
Video: Full show pro shot released on YouTube
Audio: Two tracks from this show on We Care A Lot (band edition)
Roddy on Instagram in January 2022 said: "I remember this being the first time we played WCAL"

After Pills For Breakfast:
- Bill: What's going on? 
- Chuck: Does it work? Ah, the bass doesn't work... Is there an extra bass cord... Ahah guitar chord.
- Mixer: Another one song away
- Chuck: ah thanks. Ladies and gentlemen, the management. Another one is on the way.

Before As The Worm Turns, Roddy: "Thank you San Francisco. This next song is called As The Worm Turns, and we hope you do."

Before Arabian Disco, Roddy: "I saw Madonna and Sean Penn in the audience earlier, are they still around? Thanks for coming by."

After Arabian Disco, Chuck: "Alright that was perfect man way to go. Perfect dancing I'll say. *singing* It's time to to relax. One thing stands clear. Beer after beer."

During Jim the band call out various band names: Madonna. Michael Jackson. Wham. Duran Duran. Billy Idol. Journey. Jeff Beck. Osbourne?? Phil Collins. ABC.

Before The Crab Song:
- Roddy: It's called the Crab people, and it goes like this... 
- Chuck: Stairway... Without a boarding pass

Before We Care A Lot:
- Bill: Hey do you guys care if we play any more? 
- Roddy: Who cares!
- Bill: Right at this point we really care a lot.
- Roddy: We care so much.... About you.
- Chuck: We play this song already?
- Roddy: Put on your hightops man. Spread some room at the front of the stage so we can get some breakdance action, dig?
- Bill: Yeah, clear the floor
- Chuck: And then we'll get a single with memory band????
- Bill: Clear the floor!
- Roddy: some of you people...???

Before Blood:
- Chuck: That was beautiful
- Bill: How many people here want Blood?
- Chuck: You can't take it with you, get it out.
- Roddy: Hold on for the next song, we have a little equipment malfunction.
- Jim: Hey man, one time I went fishing... There was this sick rat out there man, fucking...
- Roddy: OK I'm just going to have to go through the monitors, it can't here, I everyone else can.

After Blood someone says "Fuck! I just wanted to say that."

Before Mark Bowen:
- Chuck:Thank you, great to be back. Madonna has just left the building. 
- Roddy:... And she wasn't with Sean! Ugh! Ok, this next song is our last song.
- Chuck: Yep
- Roddy: It's about a very special guitar player named Mark Bowen who used to play with us. He drove his motorcycle off a cliff, but it had a parachute on it ahahha.
- Chuck: This song is dedicated to Roddy's last name.
- Roddy: Which is pretty sore
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