Saturday, 22 November 1986
Club Lingerie
Los Angeles, CA, USA
supporting Soul Asylum with Thrill Train
[No setlist details]
Los Angeles Times, 16 Nov 1986, Page 73
Los Angeles Times, 22 Nov 1986, Part VI, Page 2
LA Weekly, 21-27 Nov 1986, page 91 and 97

LA Weekly, 28 Nov-4 Dec 1986, page 55 - gig review
-- "Thrill Train ... a hard act to follow, which made Faith No More a bit anti-climactic. This group had a percussive sound that could peel paint, and they played the sort of post-nuclear funk that gives you an option of dancing or exploding, but they couldn't keep it up for more than 15 minutes. Everything became one bit repetition, and I left after 20 minutes. In all fairness I might have missed something near the end. But I don't think so." - S. C. Frank
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