Monday, 28 September 1987
San Francisco, CA, USA
supported by the Sea Hags
[No setlist details]
San Francisco Chronicle, 13 September 1987, page 51 Datebook - gig listing
San Francisco Chronicle, 25 September 1987, page D9 - gig listing
San Francisco Chronicle, September 30, 1987, page E2 - gig review
- "It was after midnight when Faith No More made it out to the I-Beam stage, with the clap track from Queen's "We Will Rock You" on the sound system and the lead singer Chuck Mosley covering his dreadlocked Mohawk with a bushy, ratty wig. Murdering the Queen song with raspy vocals and crunching guitar riffs, they did similar damage to their own material. Together the two groups didn't manage to pull much of a crowd."
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