Thursday, 29 October 1987
CMJ Showcase
Cat Club
New York, NY, USA
with Lime Spiders and Schoolly D
Chinese Arithmetic
starts with We Care A Lot intro tease
Death March
Why Do You Bother?
The Crab Song
We Care A Lot
R n' R
Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
end Led Zeppelin, "Stairway To Heaven"
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
Introduce Yourself cover
Other cover
The Real Thing cover
We Care A Lot cover
Flyer thanks to Lantz B.
Audience recording
Audio: Audience recording
Faith No More were first to play before Schoolly D and Lime Spiders.

- Bill: Hey guys.
- Chuck: Our guitar play had to go to the bathroom so...
- Bill: He's putting on his clothes right now. It takes him a while, he's getting really fat.
- Chuck: I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that uh the Cutaways and Life of Fire are playing on Tuesday November 3rd at the Cat - Club. I never heard of those bands but, it's on the back of our setlist so... So how everybody doin' tonight huh?! Is that too loud? Yeah!! So uh, like I said.
- Roddy: Is this a CMJ crowd or is this just your like uh average New York crowd.
- Chuck: Are there like a lot of DJs here or something?
*Crowd* Yeah!
- Roddy: ...Industry types?
*Crowd* No!?
- Chuck: No No college DJs.
- Roddy: Wannabes...
- Chuck: Yeah, people that just like, work as long as they can, tell their mum that their working even though no money's coming in
- Roddy: Yeah like me. College radio is the future right?
*Crowd* No!
- Chuck: Glad to be on this uh... this bill

The band start with We Care A Lot, but only a tease, moving quickly to Chinese Arithmetic.

The crowd chant for We Care A Lot the whole gig.

In the intro to Spirit, Jim?: "One time, while I was waiting for the bus, I saw a small baby abandoned there, and I just bought new pruning sheers, and I pruned its arms back because it looked too long."

Last line of We Care A Lot changed: "It's a stupid line but I'm the one who wrote it."

Before Sweet Dreams:
- Chuck: Hey Bill, Jim has to tune his bass man. How 'bout those Rangers huh? Of all the nerve!
- Roddy: You guys watch a lot of TV?
- Chuck: This song is dedicated to uh... people who are sweet, everywhere.

Chuck: Thanks uh New York, See you later, see you maybe Saturday night at the Ritz or something with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Royal Crescent Mob. Stay soon for Iggy Pop I mean Schooly D.
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