?? January 1989
San Francisco, CA, USA
[No setlist details]
It was assumed the band would have played gigs in San Francisco shortly after finishing recording but no evidence has been found for any January 1989 gigs as yet. The first confirmed 1989 gigs start in February.

Jim Martin played a Spastic Children gig @ The Omni in San Francisco on the 3rd of January.

Note: It was originally thought that the "From Out Of Nowhere" video shoot (where Patton cut his hand on glass) was in January but evidence now points toward around April 1989 for this gig.

"The Real Story" indicates that "Patton's second gig with the band" was the "From Out Of Nowhere" video shoot. It is now assumed this is wrong, although there is evidence of a video shoot happening during the November 1988 gig. It's possible "The Real Story" writer had that gig confused.
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1990 Bogart's, Cincinnati OH, USA
1993 Paramount Theater, Seattle WA, USA