Saturday, 23 September 1989
Foundations Forum
Hollywood Live
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Toto, "Big Battle" (Dune soundtrack)
Chinese Arithmetic
intro Yello, "Oh Yeah"
From Out Of Nowhere
The Real Thing
Underwater Love
Surprise! You're Dead!
We Care A Lot
Woodpecker From Mars
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)

The Crab Song
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
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Audience recording
Soundboard recording
Wiki article on Foundations Forum
LA Weekly, 29 Sep-5 Oct, page 138 LA Dee Da review (notes venue)

The "Country Convention" tracks as heard on "Overloaded" and other bootlegs were recorded at this gig.

The snippets of gig behind the interview on Hard'n'Heavy video are from this same venue and date. While not certain it seems likely H&H setup the encore with the flower in front of the drum kit to hide what was written on it?

The audience recording of the show begins with The Real Thing. Overloaded, and the pro video begin from "From Out Of Nowhere". All CD bootlegs of this show add fake crowd screaming/applause.

Ebay 2022 saw a Westwood reel-to-reel tape of this show for sale. Track listing for the tape was provided which confirmed the first song as Chinese Arithmetic, and only The Crab Song as encore, starting with Bill's single note jam.
Video: Audience recording (partial)
Video: Pro recording (probably for news) partial
Audio: Various bootlegs (fake applause added) partial
Audio: Soundboard recording (complete)
Patton wears his Mr. Bungle t-shirt for most of the gig.

Patton sings the "bomp bomp" and "chicka chicka" of Yello's "Oh Yeah" in the intro of Chinese Arithmetic.

Patton's voice is still struggling on the high notes, after losing his voice at recent Metallica support shows.

Before Epic:
- Patton: Yo, can I get a fucking drink in here?
- As Roddy starts the keyboard part at the end, Patton: Shhh, everybody listen.

Before The Real Thing:
- Patton: Has everybody out there got our new record? The fuck does that mean, no?! I said do you have our fuckin' record? I believe it now.

Before Surprise! You're Dead!:
- Roddy: Woo alright thanks so much! Metal fans.
- Patton: Jesus god kids is this a football game?
- Roddy: Damn straight it is
- Patton: Alright
- Jim: Alright come on!
- Bill: (background) Hey, three more songs!
- Jim: * plays guitar riff *
- Bill: We Care A Lot or Sailor? Who wants We Care A Lot?
- Patton: You guys want to hear that fuckin' thing?
- Bill: You want to hear Surprise! You're Dead!?
- Patton: Fuck it man... How many of you people out here know about Batman? Batman sucks!

The guitar drops out for half of Surprise! You're Dead!.
- Patton: I like this part without guitar, what do you think?

Patton briefly wears a devil mask for the intro of We Care A Lot.

Before Woodpecker From Mars:
- Patton: How many of you guys out there like Milli Vanilli? Come on man. Gotta appreciate that shit. Fucking good music, you know, deserves respect. And I'm out of here...

Bill appears to break a string in Woodpecker From Mars, his bass lines are out of tune and a mess toward the end and during War Pigs.

During War Pigs Patton invites the crowd to help him sing.
After War Pigs, Patton: "We'll see you all later thanks for coming to see us man, take care, and one more thing..."

Bill starts his one note solo... Jim starts riffing over the top... Long long jam...
- Roddy: Alright alright alright alright rock and rock and rock and roll
- Patton: OK, I've gotta explain this. You see, we don't know how to... we don't, we don't get encores right? So this is the way we get 'em. They just keep playing, and then we come out and play another song. Get it?
- * Roddy starts playing Crab Song keys... but then stops *
- Patton: I'm happy now, you guys happy? Alright, let's play a fuckin' song now. You guys wanna hear anything special? I hear that... I'm gonna hang out with you man.

After The Crab Song:
- Bill: Thanks a lot goodnight!
- Patton: Ciao!
- Roddy: Thanks a whole lot, see you again real woooo rock'n'roll soon!
On This Day:
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1990 Lake Compounce Amusement Park, Bristol CT, USA
1992 Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH, USA
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