Friday, 31 August 1990
Summer Festival
Libourne, France
Toto, "Big Battle" (Dune soundtrack)
From Out Of Nowhere
Introduce Yourself
The Real Thing
outro Public Enemy, "911 Is A Joke"
Underwater Love
Zombie Eaters
Edge Of The World
Chinese Arithmetic
We Care A Lot
middle New Kids On The Block, "The Right Stuff"
Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars

Easy (Commodores)
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Other cover
Angel Dust cover
Radio France Bordeaux-Gironde (DJ José Ruiz).
Audio: FM broadcast
Before Zombie Eaters:
- Patton: "I think that we are playing very slowly tonight"
During Zombie Eaters Patton yells "Jason Kill! Jason Kill!"

Before Sweet Dreams:
- Patton: A pueto de nuda (everyone must get naked)

Just before Surprise! You're Dead! Jim yells "No no no! Freddie!"

Before Epic:
- Patton: This next song is dedicated to our favourite band in the whole world, who do you think that is Bill?
- Bill: Gee I've got about four favourite bands right now.
- Patton: Four? What's your top favourite band in the whole world?
- Bill: It's all tied, and they're all playing at Monsters of Rock on Monday.
- Patton: Monsters of Rock!

In Epic the lyrics are changed to "It's Shit!" a few times.

After Woodpecker:
- Roddy: Thanks for sticking around. Goodnight.

Before Easy:
- Roddy: "Are we the only American band here tonight? Mostly French huh? You want to hear the heaviest sound possible? think we got what you have in mind!"
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