Friday, 28 September 1990
Orlando Arena
Orlando, FL, USA
supporting Billy Idol
[No setlist details]
"On The Road" - Rolling Stone Issue 586 (6 Sep 1990)
"Orlando Sentinel" 26 Aug 1990 (Parry Gettelman) - "The hottest pop act announced so far is Billy Idol, who appears with alternative-metalheads Faith No More at the Orlando Arena at 8 p.m. Sept. 28"
"Orlando Sentinel" 29 Sep 1990 (Parry Gettelman) - "Opening band Faith No More played fierce punk metal. The lineup includes a synthesizer player, and though the synth washes sometimes led to pomposity, they created a stunning effect on the group's final song and current hit, "Epic."

The band's rhythm section is a monster and carried the day even when the nasal vocals of lead singer Mike Patton got a bit tiresome. Faith No More received a standing ovation and an encore - rare for an opening act in an arena show. They came back with a humorous - and surprisingly effective - cover of the Commodores' "Easy.""
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