Thursday, 28 May 1992
Cannstatter Wasen
Stuttgart, Germany
supporting Guns'n'Roses with Soundgarden
Land Of Sunshine
The Real Thing
Midlife Crisis
We Care A Lot
From Out Of Nowhere
Surprise! You're Dead!

Introduce Yourself
Edge Of The World
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Audio: Audience recording
Video: Audience recording
Before Midlife Crisis:
- Jim: Hail satan
- Patton:This is a new song
- Roddy: Hey does it sound like shit? It can't sound good does it?
- Patton: Tell us we look bad, tell us we sound bad!
- Bill:Talk dirty to us, throw apples
- Patton: You're the ones that are fucked. You've gotta stay out there, haha

RV lyrics changed, "nobody speaks German any more"

After Surprise! You're Dead!:
- Patton: Wow what an ending
- Bill: We've been playing for 3 years too...
- Patton: We're playing shitty just for you

Before Introduce Yourself:
- Roddy: We have to play real fast
- Patton: We have to play a really short song,
- Roddy: Not much time
- Patton: If we play a long song they're gonna kill us
- Jim: Hail satan
- Patton: We'll just play stuff fast. Fast songs!
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1995 Edgefest II, Float Rite Park, Somerset WI, USA