Thursday, 01 October 1992
WGRF-FM Rock Party
Impaxx Night Club
Buffalo, NY, USA
[No setlist details]
Witness (thanks Ben Brown)
FNM Followers, news article
The gig was likely after midnight (so technically early morning 2nd Oct)
Patton was badly cut on the head by beer bottles thrown at him by the annoyed crowd.
According to "Small Victories" the band only played one improvised song, jamming and mocking the crowd.

@MrGould Twitter: Bill suggests the song played was ""Why Do You Bother" with extended one note monophonic chaos jam."
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1987 UCLA, Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles CA, USA
1992 Alumni Arena, UUAB, Buffalo NY, USA
1997 Ogden Theatre, Denver CO, USA