Thursday, 06 May 1993
Monash Uni
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
supported by Scarymother
Boston, "Foreplay"
Be Aggressive
As The Worm Turns
Zombie Eaters
Midlife Crisis
Land Of Sunshine
We Care A Lot
Chinese Arithmetic
intro "Twin Peaks" theme
middle unknown?
Mark Bowen
Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
Edge Of The World
Falling To Pieces
Death March
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars

Introduce Yourself
Easy (Commodores)
Why Do You Bother?
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
We Care A Lot cover
Other cover
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Audience recording
Radio broadcast
Radio broadcast
Radio (Triple J) broadcast (partial) - Caffeine, Be Aggressive, Midlife Crisis, RV, We Care A Lot, Falling To Pieces, Epic

The Age, 23 April 1993, page 21 EG - Advert
Half an hour broadcast on Triple J's Live At The Wireless on 14th June 1993
Audio: Audience recording
Audio: Partial FM broadcast
Chisholm Hall @ Monash University (Caufield Campus)
Before Caffeine:
- Roddy: Good evening Melbourne! Are you ready to rock!?
- Patton: The lips of my asshole!

During Be Aggressive solo Patton screams "Faster! Faster!"

Before Zombie Eaters, Patton: "Everyone say "play zombies Jim!" - you're speaking his language now. How drunk are you guys anyway?"

Lyrics of RV changed, "life guard, life guard - someone taps me on the shoulder every 5 minutes - he gave me a moist towellette, a handy wetnap"

Before Chinese Arithmetic:
- Roddy: "How you guys doin? Good."
- Patton: "I feel a little cold and clammy. You guys doin ok?"

Before Mark Bowen, Roddy: "Hey, you still there? Thought we Lost ya. Ok, here goes an old song are you ready? It's really old you might not know it. Enjoy!"

Before Edge Of The World, Patton: "All you college students clap your fucking hands. Yes."

No guitar for the first part of Falling To Pieces.

Before Death March:
- Jim: Hey what the fuck do you want?
- Roddy:... Next song starts with guitar.
- Jim: Can't see my fucking setlist man.
- Patton: Hey can you guys even hear what our guitar player's saying? What does that tell you?
- Roddy: Repeat yourself Jim Martin.
- Jim: What the fuck do you want? You, with the spotlight.
- Roddy: You got something to hide or what?
- J: Yes.
- Patton: His microphone's not even on during the show, what do you think of that?
- Jim: Thanks a fucking lot

During Death March intro, Patton: "Hey man, it's not our fault, you've got nothing to say"

Before Jizzlobber:
- Pastton: Are you guys familiar with Adult Contemporary music?
- Roddy: Well I am because I have a really diverse music taste.
- Patton: I'm glad to hear it Roddy.
- Roddy: How about you guys? You guys into Adult Contemporary?
- Jim: How many people just like metal till you fucking die man?
- Patton: Fucking Billy Ocean. That's where it's at!

Before Introduce Yourself:
- Roddy: I'm not gonna do a car ride, that's gay
- Patton: hey you guys getting tired? You want us to lead you in a little exercise regiment?
- Roddy: Yes!
- Patton: Any of you guys take sports in school? Alright...

Before Easy:
- Roddy: I almost hate to do this but I guess we have to, it goes like this.
- Patton: It's all your fault Roddy, all your fault.

Before Epic, Patton: "This one's our drummer's fault."
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