Thursday, 02 March 1995
Portsmouth, England
supported by Shihad
Tony Bennett, "Stranger In Paradise"
Cuckoo For Caca
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
The Real Thing
The Last To Know
truncated by malfunctioning lighting rig
Land Of Sunshine
Digging The Grave
We Care A Lot
Easy (Commodores)
Introduce Yourself
middle I Like To Party cheerleader chant
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Surprise! You're Dead!
What A Day
Take This Bottle
From Out Of Nowhere

The Crab Song

The Last To Know

Disney, "The Main Street Electrical Parade"
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Audio: Audience recording
During intro tape as the band takes the stage:
- Bill: Turn the fuckin' music off man

Before The Real Thing:
- Roddy: How you goin' out there? Good? Oh that's good.
- Bill: Any of you fuckers out there in the navy?

During the first Last To Know attempt, part of the lighting rig falls on the stage:
- Patton: Oh shit! Oh god! This is trouble...
- Roddy: Wow... everyone ok?
- Bill: Anybody get hurt?
- Roddy: I didn't see it fall
- Patton: I didn't see it either
- Bill: It was actually a good thing
- Patton: I feel like I missed something
- Roddy: It was part of the show!
- Bill: Now we know each other a little better
- Patton: Did you guys see the little bomb that went off first
- Roddy: Like Metallica... You think we should put it back up? Yeah fuck it huh?
- Bill: Do you guys really care about the fuckin' lights anyway?
- Patton: Yes they do because they want to see the new guy...
- Roddy: Yeah! Dean!
- Bill: Secret weapon
- Roddy: Dean knocked it over
- Patton: He knocked it over, fuckin' guy needs attention
- Bill: Fuckin' dick
- Patton: Fucking parents have been ignoring him all his life so, we thought we'd give him a job
- Bill: Let's do a different song huh?

After the Easy solo:
- Patton: They like you

Before What A Day:
- Patton: How'd that one sound without bass?
- Roddy: There's no power. We don't got any power on this side of the stage.
- Patton: These guys don't have any power over here ..
- Roddy: Look!
- Patton: ... but we do.
- Roddy: Look! No sound! Look! What's wrong?! What's wrong?!?!
- Patton: These things happen from time to time.
- Bill: So what should we talk about now?
- Patton: I don't know, I wish we had some music so we could put them on hold.
- Bill: This is really fuckin' embarrassing
- Patton: This is embarrassing. Now you guys get to see what boring sons of bitches we really are.
- Bill: We've got fuckin' nothing to talk about.
- Patton: Nothing to say.
- Roddy: What's that ugh... dog whistle?
- Patton: There we go!
- Roddy: Hey you guys just start.

During Take This Bottle, Patton asks the bar for a drink:
- Patton: I'll have a Campari with soda. Come on fucker, pass me one. Not too much ice. How much?! How much?! Anybody got a Pound?

During From Out Of Nowhere, his drink is delivered:
- Patton: Oh my god! I love you! Thank you so much!

During The Crab Song intro:
- Bill: Hit it Dean
- Roddy: You're Jim, and I'm Roddy, let's play. I'm pretending you're Jim.
- Dean: Don't do that...
- Roddy: I can't help it
- Dean: ... it hurts

Before Evidence:
- Roddy: Thanks a lot we're gonna try a new one, ready? It starts with four clicks.

Before Caffeine:
- Bill?: Thanks a lot! Here's an oldy but shitty for ya
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1986 Nino's Steak House, Tucson AZ, USA
1991 Bay Area Music Awards, Civic Auditorium, San Francisco CA, USA
1995 Top Of The Pops, London England