Friday, 17 March 1995
Hamburg, Germany
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Digging The Grave
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
The Real Thing
Land Of Sunshine
What A Day
We Care A Lot
Easy (Commodores)
Introduce Yourself
Get Out
King For A Day
From Out Of Nowhere

Ugly In The Morning
I Started A Joke (Bee Gees)
Surprise! You're Dead!

The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Take This Bottle

King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Non-Album Track cover
Audio: Audience recording
During The Real Thing intro:
- Roddy: "Hey Hamburg, how's it goin'?"
- Bill: (says something German) - crowd says woah

After Land Of Sunshine:
- Roddy: - You like it?
- Bill: We do this song every night, and I always get the same reaction
- Patton: There's always one awkward moment.
- (crowd) - COME ON!
- Roddy: Come on what?

During Evidence:
- Patton: "That's Dean Menta on guitar ladies and gentlemen."

Before Get Out:
- Patton: Want to hear a new one? Are you sure?!

Before From Out Of Nowhere:
- Roddy: Thanks for coming Hamburg
- Bill: One more for ya
- Patton: See you guys next time huh?
- Bill?: One more...

Before Gentle Art:
- Patton: Oh god you want to be tortured don't you?! Alright...

Take This Bottle has very long extended end:
- Patton - we can do this all night!
- Patton - yeah or no? He says no, I see you. What's that mean? So so? He says no... yeah yeah yeah no yeah no yeah yeah no yeah. I see you. No. Yeah yeah, yeah. Yeah.... Well, I guess we have to keep going. You voted!

Before Caffeine:
- Patton - There is a curfew tonight you know?
- Bill - The police say they're gonna arrest everybody when they come out, so...
- Patton - 12 o'clock the paddy wagons come. You walk into the paddy wagon, you go to police station. You spend night in jail. Hahahaha!
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1984 Sound Of Music, San Francisco CA, USA
1986 40 Watt Club, Athens GA, USA
1988 100 Club, London England
1990 L'Amours, New York NY, USA