Saturday, 15 April 1995
Alternative Nation
Eastern Creek Raceway
Sydney, NSW, Australia
with Lou Reed, L7, Ween, Body Count, Primus + more
John Barry, "Beat Girl"
Digging the Grave
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
Zombie Eaters
Land of Sunshine
What a Day
We Care a Lot
Easy (Commodores)
Introduce Yourself
Get Out
King for a Day
Glory Box (Portishead)

From Out of Nowhere
I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Other cover
Non-Album Track cover
CV Database
Sydney Morning Herald, 15 April 1995, page 12 Good Weekend - $66
Audience recording
Video: Audience recording + brief news broadcast
After Be Aggressive:
- Roddy: Hi Sydney we're silverchair. Thank you!
- Patton: Are there any flying foxes out there tonight? I mean those big ugly bats with big wings goddamnit.

Before Evidence:
- Patton: OK. How is everybody? Good moods?
- Roddy: Happy?
- Patton: Not too cranky?
- Bill: A lot better than those fuckers last night.
- Patton: What did you say?
- Bill: I'm sorry.
- Patton: Alienating the fanbase my friend
- Bill: Back to the drawing board.
- Patton: Oh you mean us?
- Bill: Me?
- Roddy: Oh, we were cranky?
- Patton: Just a little breakdown in communication up here ladies and gentlemen
- Bill: Nothing new

During last Evidence solo:
- Patton: "Dean, why don't you step down... Ladies and gentlemen this is Dean Menta"

We Care A Lot Roddy has piano sample instead of the usual scratch.

Before King For A Day:
- Roddy: Where's that voice coming from?
- Patton: I think that's Trent Reznor.
- Roddy: Hey man is that you over there?
- Patton: That's a loud guy.
- Roddy: Yeah he's real loud, I can hear him

Before Glory Box:
- Patton: So when is someone going to give that Godzilla a Bilby up there?
- Roddy: What's that?
- Patton: A Bilby is a.... it's an Australian thing man, you wouldn't understand.
- Roddy: That's not what I wanted...
- Patton: What I'm saying is I don't understand well enough to explain it to you. What is a Bilby?! About this big? It's this big.
- Roddy: Like a bug.
- Patton: Does it have hair?

Before Ricochet:
- Roddy: Ready boy!
- Patton: Yeah! Hit me two times. Hit me seven times! Woo!!

Before I Started A Joke:
- Patton: Go quick!

Patton throws a bottle of water in Dean's face during the intro of I Started A Joke.

Before Caffeine:
- Patton: We gotta ask Trent. Hang on now... we gotta ask Trent. Trent?!
- Bill: Got the go ahead?
- Patton: Trent?! Come here not Trent?! Yell in the back there Trent? He ain't sayin' nothing? Trent signalling I can do another one.
* Dean plays riff from Ministry's "Thieves" *
- Roddy: It's ok with me!
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