Saturday, 29 April 1995
Club Rio
Tempe, AZ, USA
supported by Steel Pole Bathtub
John Barry, "Beat Girl"
Digging The Grave
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
The Crab Song
What A Day
We Care A Lot
Easy (Commodores)
Introduce Yourself
Get Out
Glory Box (Portishead)
King For A Day
Just A Man

Land Of Sunshine
I Started A Joke (Bee Gees)
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Take This Bottle
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Other cover
Non-Album Track cover
The Real Thing cover
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Audience recording archive.og

The Arizona Republic, 2 April 1995, D10 - gig listing
The Arizona Republic, 9 April 1995, D2 - gig listing
Arizona Daily Sun, 22 April 1995, page A2 - gig listing
Tucson Citizen, 27 April 1995, page 6 - gig listing - $15.50
Audio: Audience recording
The show starts very early (6pm?)

After Digging The Grave:
- Roddy: Good afternoon Tempe!
- Bill: What the fuck?
- Patton: Did you bring your picnic basket?

Before Midlife Crisis:
- Roddy: Thank you! Ready team? Play ball!

During The Crab Song intro:
- Roddy: How's it going we're Faith No More. You must be Tempe.
- You guys like Weezer? I thought Weezer was from Tempe? A local band. Tempe's own Weezer, ladies and gentlemen.

Before Evidence:
- Roddy: Yep, I got a real good feeling about this next song!
- Patton: Do ya?
- Roddy: I got a really good feeling about it.
- Patton: So do I, I'd like to dedicate this next song to Kato Kaelin

Before We Care A Lot:
- Bill: Who wants to fuck?
- Patton: Hi Tempe!
- Roddy: Tell me what's new?!
- Bill: How many of you like to rock when you rap?
- Roddy: You wanna play ball? This little ditty's for you?!

Roddy shouts "HOME RUN" instead of the first "We Care A Lot" in We Care A Lot.

In Easy intro:
- Patton: How many of you like your rock mixed with 70s pop soul?

During Glory Box intro:
- Roddy: You guys are pretty quiet out there. What's the matter? What's the matter?
- Patton: They don't wanna play ball Roddy.
- Roddy: You don't wanna play ball with me? I thought you did!

During King For A Day intro:
- Patton: Now back to the ballgame. Hey there's a team player for you. Alright pal. You're in the starting line up.
- Roddy: Steal! Steal third!

Before Ricochet:
- Patton: OK, we're in about the uh... top of the 9th here. Got about a half-inning left.
- Roddy: What way is it gonna go?
- Patton: Top of the ninth. Neck and neck.
- Roddy: The home team are the visitors!

Before Just A Man:
- Bill: We got time for one more.
- Roddy: Tempe, thanks a lot for coming.
- Patton: Yeah, kinda weird this early you know?
- Roddy: But it smells real good in here
- Patton: Yeah, at least there's a sweet smell.

In Just A Man intro:
- Patton: Normally it smells really bad. You guys have a sugary odour about you.

On return for encore:
- Patton: Hey thanks!
- Roddy: No no no no no no no no no thank you.
- Bill: They said Phoenix is a rockin' town and they fuckin' right! You guys fuckin' rock!
- Patton: Phoenix?

Take This Bottle devolves into a very long jam of various styles, with guitar and keyboard solos. Eventually the band walk out leaving Puffy playing drums. Choice quotes from the song:
- Patton: I'd like to thank you guys once again for coming tonight. I think we had a pretty good time together wouldn't you say?
- Patton: I thought you guys liked to rock?
- Patton: You've got to regulate, regulate!
- Patton: Man, fuck alternative rock. I'd like to say Fuck alternative rock. Jam rock is where it's at man! Fuckin'.... classic jam rock. You know, you've got to keep up with the times. I thought you guys liked to rock?! Well then quick fucking around. Let me some fuckin' hands in the air! Quick fucking around man! Let's fuckin' see it! I want to see fucking heads rolling and shit, arms and legs and bodies!
- Patton: You see we have a little problem with our drummer, he doesn't know when to stop. He thinks he can just play here all night. Yeah yeah, he can, we're getting the fuck out of here. We've got a long drive tonight. This guy's still playing. Unfuckingbelievable. You see now the rest of the band have think of something to get him out of this fucking mess. Understand? I just want you to understand our predicament.
- Bill: How do you feel Roddy?
- Patton: Would you guys like us to leave?
- Roddy: Thanks a lot
- Bill: See you guys later, I'm outta here, I can't take this shit any longer
- Roddy: Yeah, I gotta go too.
- Patton: Yeah, it's getting really painful up here
- Roddy: You guys hang out.
- Patton: You guys have a conversation with our drummer. He'll be more than happy to entertain you.
- Roddy: Thanks a lot, see you later.
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1988 CANCELLED Northhampton England
1990 Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool England