Monday, 15 May 1995
Tower Theater
Upper Darby, PA, USA
supported by Steel Pole Bathtub
John Barry, "Beat Girl"
Be Aggressive
Digging The Grave
Midlife Crisis
The Real Thing
What A Day
Zombie (Cranberries)
We Care A Lot
Easy (Commodores)
Introduce Yourself
Get Out
Caralho Voador
King For A Day
Just A Man

Surprise! You're Dead!
Take This Bottle
Let's Lynch The Landlord (Dead Kennedys)

King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Other cover
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Audience recording
Confirmed via gig poster (for sale message) in google groups:
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Philadelphia Inquirer, 7 April 1995, Page 47 - gig listing
Courier-Post, 4 Apr 1995, page 15F - gig listing
Philadelphia Inquirer, 14 Apr 1995, page 35 - $15.50, 8pm
The Weekender, 27 April 1995, page 16 - gig listing
Philadelphia Inquirer, 15 Apr 1995, page D2 - tonight!
Philadelphia Inquirer, 17 May 1995, page E2 - gig review
Audio; Audience recording
Video: Audience recording
Before The Real Thing, Roddy: "Hi friends... There's a pretty big space between you and us right? I don't suppose there's any chance of ah you guys coming up on stage tonight is there?", Patton: "You can only come up if you sit cross legged, and hold hands."
A large number of people get on stage during The Real Thing but they won't sit down. The band keep telling everyone to sit so everyone else can see, eventually threatening to stop playing if they don't.
After What A Day everyone gets off the stage: "thanks for coming, looking forward to starting the next song thank you... you don't have to leave the building, just get off the stage"
"Can you guys up back see us now?"
"You've got to try these experiments every now and then."
Over the Zombie guitar: "I think Philadelphia is one fucking kick ass town man! Now you assholes with walkie talkies get out of here ok. Excuse me, can you get the fuck out of here? Thank you."
Dean messes up the Easy guitar solo.
After Just A Man, Patton: "Thanks, that was a good one"

Before Let's Lynch The Landlord, Patton: "This one's going out to Caca Volante, from Bill"
Patton yells "Go Slash!" Before the Landlord solo
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1984 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco CA, USA
1987 Night Moves, Huntington Beach CA, USA
1988 Venue, Aberdeen Scotland
1990 Volkshaus, Zürich Switzerland
1993 Sammy's, Dunedin New Zealand
2015 Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA, USA
2020 CANCELLED QUDOS Bank Arena, Sydney NSW, Australia