Wednesday, 30 April 1997
Paradiso Club
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elvis Caesars Palace live intro
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
Ashes To Ashes
Naked In Front Of The Computer
We Care A Lot
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Home Sick Home
Land Of Sunshine
Introduce Yourself
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Surprise! You're Dead!
King For A Day
Just A Man

Paths Of Glory

Got That Feeling
Album Of The Year cover
Angel Dust cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Introduce Yourself cover
The Real Thing cover
Broadcast on ?
Audio: Audience recording
Audio: Partial radio broadcast
Elvis live intro tape includes "Also Sprach Zarathustra Op. 30" (Strauss) and the extended live start of "See See Rider" (Elvis) with a live MC introducing Faith No More.
MC intro: "Ladies and Gentlemen, from California west coast, Faith No More!"
Before Midlife Crisis: "Amsterdam! Rotterdam! ... Huston Texas!"
Before Gentle Art: "Time out. Ok team, ten 47, ready set hike"

Jon plays the "pre-solo" guitar part in Easy which neither Jim nor Dean did. He would continue to play that for the entire tour.

During Evidence: "Step over here, come on, centre stage my man!"
Before Home Sick Home:
Patton: "New Song"
Bill: "Is that good? Yeah!"
Patton: "Old song? Amsterdam? Rotterdam? Heineken? Coors? Now this song is for Coors drinkers. Coors?! The best fuckin' beer in the world!"
During Land Of Sunshine: "This song features Jon Hudson on the right side of the stage, look at that."
Before Last Cup Of Sorrow:
Roddy: "Did you have a good Queen's day today? Sorry we have no orange clothes, just black and white."
Patton asks the crowd for an orange scarf.
Before Surprise! You're Dead!: "New song without mistakes! That calls for a celebration, an old one!"
Before Paths Of Glory: "New song! New queen!"
Before Caffeine: "Old song, 8.5% alcohol"
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1988 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Belgium
1990 Bristol Studio, Bristol England
1993 Entertainment Centre, Perth WA, Australia