Saturday, 05 July 1997
Markham Park
Sunrise, FL, USA
with Better Than Ezra, The Nixons, Orbit, Muse + more
Elvis Caesars Palace live intro
Mouth To Mouth
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Ashes To Ashes
Easy (Commodores)
Introduce Yourself
Home Sick Home
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Got That Feeling
Just A Man
Album Of The Year cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
Introduce Yourself cover
The Real Thing cover
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Audience recording (audio)

Palm Beach Post, 14 July 1997, page 2B - gig listing
Palm Beach Post, 27 July 1997, page 41 TGIF - gig listing, $11
South Florida Sun Sentinel, 8 Jul 1997, page 3E - gig review
Video: Audience recording
Audio: Audience recording
MC intro: "Ladies and Gentlemen, from Warsaw Poland, Faith No More!"

Before Ashes To Ashes, Patton: "At this point of the set we pour another glass of vodka."
There are technical difficulties after Ashes to Ashes, Patton: "Now we can all take a rest *crowd says NO!* Yes fuckin' way. Anybody bring an American flag today? Get it up there, thought I was in Bulgaria.". Bill asks if it's Bulgarian independence in 3 days, Patton: "Fuck the 4th July." Patton asks if they knew that Elvis celebrated Bulgarian Independence. "So did Axl Rose". They continue to talk about Bulgaria until the problems are fixed.

During Home Sick Home intro, Patton: "New song here in South Florida"

After Epic, Patton: "Now that we've got that out of the way... What's next boys? Something new!"

Before Got That Feeling, "Fight fight, kill the gator, there's a gator loose in the stadium!"

Before Just A Man, Patton: "About time for us to go yes? *Crowd: No!!!* Correct answer is Yesss! - I have to go on my honeymoon!"
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1985 The Stone, San Francisco CA, USA
1989 International 1, Manchester England
1990 Paradise Club, Boston MA, USA
1992 CANCELLED Estadi Olimpic, Barcelona Spain
2009 Ruisrock Festival, Turku Finland
2010 Williamsburg Waterfront Brooklyn, New York NY, USA
2012 CANCELLED Rock For People Festival, Hradec Kralove Czech Republic
2014 Open'er Festival, Gdynia Poland
2022 CANCELLED Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart Germany