Saturday, 13 June 2009
Greenfield Festival
Interlaken, Switzerland
with Slipknot, Nightwish, Korn, Disturbed, Social Distortion and many more
Reunited (Peaches & Herb)
The Real Thing
From Out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
part sung in Italian
Chinese Arithmetic
intro Lady Gaga, "Poker Face"
Surprise! You're Dead!
Easy (Commodores)
Last Cup of Sorrow
Midlife Crisis
Introduce Yourself
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Ashes to Ashes
We Care a Lot
Be Aggressive

Chariots Of Fire (Vangelis)
Cuckoo for Caca
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Album Of The Year cover
Introduce Yourself cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Other cover
Radio broadcast
Audio: Full broadcast
Video: Partial audience recording
Before Caffeine:
- Roddy: How are you? We are Faith No More, have we met?
- Patton: If we met, it was a long time ago. You guys look better than you did 10 years ago. You've gotten younger.

Evidence introduced by Patton: "This one's for the ladies"
Before the last chorus of Evidence, Patton: "Metal heads put your hands in the air"

Midlife Crisis pauses in the middle, the crowd doesn't sing. There is no cover.

Before RV:
- Bill: Hey guys we're very happy to see you. Thanks.
- Patton: Have you guys been here all day? And you stuck around for this? Thank you. It's very kind. You're having mercy on the elderly, we appreciate it.

After RV:
- Patton: Who farted?!
- Roddy: Right?! Shit! I was going to say something but I was kinda embarrassed.
- Patton: I mean did I shit my fucking pants without noticing?
- Roddy: Did you guys fart?
- Patton: Am I brown? Or do you guys just fucking stink. Nah just kidding. What happened out there.
- Roddy: No..... Who is it?!
- Patton: Who is it! Who is it?! Who farted
- Roddy: You! You!
- Patton: The lovely girl in the Faith No More shirt lost her bowels. Give her a big hand. It's ok. I'll lick it up...

We Care A Lot starts with just drums, Patton: "Drum solo, drum solo"

After Be Aggressive, Patton: "You win Switzerland"

After Epic:
- Roddy: Thanks a lot you guys you've been a really fun crowd, thank you so much
- Patton: Good to see ya, been a long day, drive home safe, rush toward the day, we love you

After returning for encore:
- Roddy: How can we please you?
- Patton: Yeah what do you want to hear, any requests? I don't see that sign, I just, I can't read it. It's in Swiss/German...
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1986 Raji's, Hollywood CA, USA
1992 Wembley Stadium, London England
1995 Petofi Hall, Budapest Hungary
2015 Download Festival, Donington Park England
2020 CANCELLED Sunstroke Festival, Punchestown Ireland
2021 CANCELLED O2 Academy Brixton, London England
2022 CANCELLED O2 Academy Brixton, London England