Tuesday, 16 February 2010
Westpac Trust Arena
Christchurch, New Zealand
supported by Eagles of Death Metal
Midnight Cowboy (John Barry)
The Real Thing
Land of Sunshine
Be Aggressive
Surprise! You're Dead!
Last Cup of Sorrow
Easy (Commodores)
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes
Just a Man

Chariots of Fire (Vangelis)
We Care a Lot

This Guy's in Love with You (Burt Bacharach)
Angel Dust cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Album Of The Year cover
The Real Thing cover
Other cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Audio: Audience recording?
Before Be Aggressive, Patton: "Thank you Christchurch! This one's going down to all the ladies in the house"

Patton: Everybody ok? 
Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen. Here you are! 
Patton: We got a lot of catching up to do, it's been ten fucking years.
Roddy: yes yes
Patton: Any of you guys have kids now? How many divorcees? Raise your hands.
Roddy: Does anyone have plastic surgery? Besides us?
Patton: Or how about, anybody got a colonoscopy lately? Yeah.

Before Ricochet, Patton: "Hey thank you! Still with us? How about a big round of applause for Eagles Of Death Metal. Or as they say in these parts... Eegles of Dith Mitul. Pretty good right?"

Pause in Midlife Crisis for the crowd to sing, band makes random noises before starting again.

Before Just A Man:
- Roddy: Christchurch! Thank you very much for being here.
- Patton: Really. Many many moons later. Really nice to see you, thanks for coming. Especially you guys in section F! Holding down the fort. What are you doing up there? Jesus. Having a fucking circle jerk?
- Roddy: F and G, look at G.
- Patton: G's just chillin man. Wait wait wait, in between section G and S, yeah yeah. Some G and A going on up there. What are you doing? You guys aren't at the fucking public library. What, are you reading Tolstoy? You're killing me. Anyway, we thank you too, you fucking perverts. Can you buy me a gin? What kind of question is that? Hey! One more song. Shhhhh. It's only gonna work, if you throw your arms up high. You too G and S, you fucking lame ducks.

On returned for encore:
- Roddy: Are you ready for more?
- Patton: Well you're gonna get more of something

Ole Ole Ole sample before Chariots Of Fire.

Before Pristina, Roddy: "Thank you very much. It's really nice to be back. Thanks you guys so much for having us. It's our first kind show tonight of the tour, it feels really good to be here, thank you."