Thursday, 25 February 2010
Festival Hall
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
supported by Eagles of Death Metal and Neil Hamburger
Midnight Cowboy (John Barry)
The Real Thing
Land of Sunshine
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Last Cup of Sorrow
Easy (Commodores)
Midlife Crisis
interlude Stevie Wonder, "Sir Duke"
I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
A Small Victory
Surprise! You're Dead!
Ashes to Ashes
Just a Man

Edge of the World
Mark Bowen

Switch (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
Angel Dust cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
The Real Thing cover
Album Of The Year cover
Other cover
Non-Album Track cover
We Care A Lot cover
Audio: Audience recording
Video: YouTube compilation
Video: Audience recording
Before Caffeine:
- Patton: Hey hey thank you
- Roddy: Well well well
- Patton: Here we are again. Same band, same bullshit. How're you guys doin'? 
- Roddy: You're a lot bouncier than last night's crowd.
- Patton: They are yeah. I wonder why that is. Are they handing out ecstasy at the door?

During Evidence intro, Patton: "Melbourne. You guys looking really fucking horny tonight"

Jon almost comes in a bar early on the distorted part of Last Cup Of Sorrow.

Before Easy, Patton: Thanks guys. Still having fun or are you bored? Well if you're bored now, you're gonna love this one.

Before Midlife Crisis:
- Roddy: Nice work Melbourne. You're doin' real good out there, just keep it up. Can you keep it up? You're not going all flaccid on us are ya? Excellent. Some sort of pow wow going on back... Wanna know what it's about?
- Patton: We're talking about our taxes ya know?
- Roddy: Fucking taxes.
- Patton: Fuckin' it's a bitch these days.
- Roddy: Yeah. Word.
- Patton: Damn it. Are you guys ok?! We hope we're not boring you too tears. Coz that could be very very possible.

Before I Started A Joke, Patton: "Are you guys ok? Are you feeling alright? Welk this one is gonna make sure you feel like shit."

Before A Small Victory:
- Patton: You like that shit?
- Roddy: That's your people.
- Patton: That's your people.
- Roddy: That's your fucking heritage!
- Patton: Yeah, your fucking true colours are coming out huh? You like the Australian shit, don't ya?
- Roddy: Fuckin' family Gibb!
- Patton: What you wanna hear some fucking Jimmy Barnes, what? This is kinda like Jimmy Barnes.

Before Ashes To Ashes:
- Patton: Thank you Melbourne! What the fuck is up? These guys are fucking antsy right? What happened between last night and tonight, that's what I want to know.
- Roddy: What's the big diff? You guys all bought tickets first, I believe? Yes yes yes. My true people!
- Patton: Are these your tweeps?
- Roddy: Tweets? I don't know em, I don't known em by face, I only know a couple of Tweets.
- Bill: Any Tweets in the audience?
- Patton: Any Tweeps in the building?
- Bill: This one's for the Tweets!
- Patton: Anybody Tweet out there? *crowd boooos* I don't, I don't want... Who doesn't Tweet? *crowd cheers* hahah
- Roddy: Losers! Fucking losers! You gotta live it!
- Patton: Bullshit. No Tweets! No Tweets!

Before Just A Man:
- Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen of Melbourne you've been a fantastic audience. We have some very disheartening news. This ladies and gentlemen, the last song will be our last.
- Patton: Awww shit
- Roddy: And here it comes. Everybody take a big big big breath in. Hold it...
- Patton: Then out. In.. 
- Roddy: Hold it. One more... In... Hold it... Puffy go?!

Patton walks to side of stage during song to stage dive, passing the speakers "Goddamn that's loud!"

Before Edge Of The World:
- Patton: Very fucking nice Melbourne. What's up with all the hospitality? For a bunch of fucking Yanks. No no no, a bunch of old Yanks. We got a couple of... what do you call them? Commies? Pommies? Poms? Pomme frites? What do you guys call Englishmen? Poms? Yeah yeah yeah, we've got a couple of those fuckers with us too. But we don't like em, and neither do you! Fuck the poms!
- Roddy: United! We agree.
- Patton: We totally agree. You guys are prisoners, we used to be prisoners. We got out of jail baby. Ok ok ok, I just offended you, now I'm gonna ask you to join me, in a wonderful chorus. Ok? You can start by snapping your fingers like this... Ok, we're on the same page. Ok, I'm gonna do this now...

Patton forgets the words to Edge Of The World, "You guys know the words better than I do". Roddy plays a nice keyboard jam before the "nah nahs"

On return for second encore:
- Roddy: Thank you Melbourne. So very nice of you Melbourne.
- Patton: Very hospitable Melbourne, thank you so much. Last night they couldn't wait to get rid of us.
- Roddy: They brought the hook, and they hooked us off the stage. Threw us out.
- Bill: We'd like to do a song we've never done before and probably never do again. So there!
- Roddy: Name that tune.
- Patton: I have no idea what he just said. Anyway, for whatever reason you guys have very poor taste, and you stuck around this long, so thank you.

Stripsearch DID NOT include the Chariots of Fire intro on this night, starting direct after Switch.

At end of show:
- Patton: Peoples! Very nice to see you. We feel like we're the house band in this fucking city, and we thank you for your patience, and your attendance, and we bid you adieu.
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