Friday, 26 February 2010
Soundwave Festival
Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
with many other bands
Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House)
From Out Of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Be Aggressive
part sung in Spanish
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Chinese Arithmetic
intro Lady Gaga, "Poker Face"
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo for Caca
Easy (Commodores)
Ashes to Ashes
Midlife Crisis
interlude Stevie Wonder, "Sir Duke"
I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
Digging The Grave
King for a Day
Just a Man

This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us (Sparks)
We Care a Lot
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
Album Of The Year cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Non-Album Track cover
The Real Thing cover
Other cover
Video: Audience videos
This gig was broadcast on Chat Roulette with Roddy's laptop sitting in front of Puffy's kit pointing toward the audience. Members of the band during the gig would often go in front of the laptop to perform. The laptop's screen was displayed on the big screens at the festival.

During Land Of Sunshine intro Patton looks into the laptop, "What are you looking at fool?!"

After Be Aggressive:
- Patton: You win Melbourne.
- Roddy: Thank you very much.
- Patton: We should probably tell you guys we're broadcasting live tonight, on a little something called Chat Roulette dot com. How would you explain that Roddy?
- Roddy: Ya'll know what that is. Who knows what Chat Roulette is? It's kinda like roulette. You go on your screen, and you push a button, and you visually and talk to another person, probably in another country. We got ??? on the stage here.

After Chinese Arithmetic:
- Patton: Hey guys. Nice to see ya. Ummm... Last time we saw you we were really young. We looked a little more like you look like now. Everybody ok?!

After Easy:
- Patton: Somebody shoot me with some water. Here we go, where'd that come from... *Patton gets squirted with water by canon* - OK STOP

Midlife Crisis pauses and let's the crowd sing before Sir Duke.

After Midlife Crisis:
- Patton: OK, it's been a long day right? Long day in the sun. You're starting to relax.
- Roddy: ... little bit indigenous
- Patton: We're gonna do a little indigenous music.
- Roddy: Gonna get into some Australian indigenous. You down with that, you with us?
- Patton: *makes didgeridoo sound* No really, we're going to do some Australian music. So, you better fucking like it. Or... or else.

Patton is squirted by the water cannons again during Digging The Grave.

After Digging The Grave:
- Roddy: Roulette's going pretty good up here. Can you guys see the laptop on the screen? Can you see it? Can you guys see the Chat Roulette?

During King For A Day Patton walks to the side of the stage to look at the big screen to see if the crowd can see Chat Roulette.

During Just A Man intro:
- Patton: Melbourne, Melbourne, thanks so much for sticking around, but it's time to say goodbye
- Patton: Yo, hit me up, come on squirty

On return for encore, before This Town:
*Bill, Roddy, Puffy all look into the laptop for Chat Roulette*
*Patton goes over to the laptop, Jon stands behind him*
- Patton: What are you looking at dude. Wait wait wait let's have a Chat Roulette moment. I really want people to understand what's going on here. There's some guy... where you from? Can you hear me? He's having a good time... He probably thinks somebody's going to get naked.
- Roddy: Everybody wave at the guy on the screen.
* guy on screen puts on headphones *
- Patton: Hi! Everyone say... Yeah, put your fucking headphones on. Now.. no no... Now everyone say... what's your name? I mean him... shut the fuck up! What is your name? My friend. Say it? Say it again? OK, let's just say your name is, I don't know, Jorge. Everybody say "hello Jorge".
* crowd: "Hello Jorge" *
- Roddy: You want to hear some Sparks, Jorge?
- Patton: Yeah you know Sparks motherfucker?!
- Roddy: Jorge says si!
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1986 Raji's, Hollywood CA, USA
2021 CANCELLED Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane QLD, Australia