Saturday, 03 July 2010
The Mann Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA
supported by Rahzel and Neil Hamburger
Reunited (Peaches & Herb)
From Out of Nowhere
Be Aggressive
part sung in Portuguese
Surprise! You're Dead!
Chinese Arithmetic
with Rahzel beatbox intro
Last Cup of Sorrow
Easy (Commodores)
Midlife Crisis
interlude Stevie Wonder, "Sir Duke"
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Ashes to Ashes
Ben (Michael Jackson)
King for a Day
Just a Man

Chariots Of Fire (Vangelis)
Digging the Grave
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
Other cover
Album Of The Year cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Audio: Audience recording
After Be Aggressive:
- Patton: You win Phily, you win. How're things? It's a nice little apartment complex you've got here? When can I move in?

Before Evidence:
- Patton: You guys are kinda freaking us out a little bit. Alright, time to get into some spirit of some brotherly and sisterly love. Let's do it right here. You can snap your fingers if you like.

Before Chinese Arithmetic:
- Patton: Got a little special guest here for this next number. The godfather of noise, Roots crew Philadelphia, Rahzel!

After Chinese Arithmetic:
- Patton: Ladies and gentlemen, Rahzel! Oh man. Makes me feel like a little weiny standing next to that guy. Amazing right? ! Jesus Christ.
- Roddy: Magnificent
- Patton: Magnificent is a word.

After Last Cup Of Sorrow:
- Patton: Thank you Phily! Alright let's reel it back in a little bit. Deep breath deep breath.

After Easy:
- Patton: Feel better now? I do. Although I think I will found a slow dancing partner for later. You in the Metallica shirt. Hahaha. Well you know, I think actually at some point you're gonna come up here, coz people need to behold. Not now! This ain't that kinda song, this ain't that kinda party.

Midlife Crisis pauses, crowd sings, band starts song again. No cover.

Before Ben:
- Roddy: Phili Phili Phili. You still with us?
- Bill: Are we still with you?
- Patton: Yeah, that's a better question. A few too many cheese steaks tonight you know? Feel a little slow. So on that note, I think it's time for a slow dance, what do you say? Actually, you don't have to dance with me, but I need someone to sing to. Fuck it I'll come out there...

Before Just A Man:
- Patton: Fucking Phily. You're still here! It's been a nice night. How can I say this... We're not used to playing in places like this really. We're not really used to playing anywhere. So, thanks for making us comfortable, this was actually really fun. You know? I got a slow dance out of the deal. Fucking cheese steak partner. Got some jowls man. Anyway take this opportunity to thank Mr Neil Hamburger. You don't like him? Get the fuck out. And Rahzel, roots crew.
- Roddy: Magnificent!
- Patton: One more song people. Let's go out in style. Don't be afraid. Brotherly love once again. Hands in the air side to side, to side.

During Just A Man's "Man was born to love" part Patton climbs a rope ladder on the side of stage and gets a bit stuck:
- Patton: I got myself in trouble here didn't I? There's nowhere to go! Right, do it slow and sexy while I come down. Like a striptease, ok?
As Patton works his way down the band jams a little. Once returned they finish Just A Man as usual.

On return for encore:
- Roddy: Did you miss us?
- Patton: Thanks for sticking around you guys.
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1982 Sound Of Music, San Francisco CA, USA
1987 9:30 Club, Washington D.C. DC, USA
1992 Delarock Festival, Wasahallen Stadium, Hedemora Sweden
1993 Rock Festival, Torhout Belgium
2009 Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Denmark
2020 CANCELLED AFAS Live, Amsterdam Netherlands