Saturday, 09 May 2015
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Toronto, ON, Canada
supported by Le Butcherettes
Land of Sunshine
Sunny Side Up
Get Out
Midlife Crisis
interlude Boz Scaggs, "Lowdown"
Last Cup of Sorrow
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Be Aggressive
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes

Digging the Grave
I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
Angel Dust cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Sol Invictus cover
Album Of The Year cover
Non-Album Track cover
The Real Thing cover
Audio: Audience recordings
Before Midlife Crisis:
- Roddy: How is Toronto? You guys doin' good?
- Patton: I'll tell you who's doin' good. I got my eyes on this fucking guy. Green shirt. Air-drumming, the entire fucking set. And he's kinda on point... oh Jesus! Wait wait. Oh man that's some Canadian pie right there.
- Roddy: In his prime. He is fucking primed and ready.

After Midlife Crisis:
- Roddy: Thank you. Wow. Nicely appreciated, Toronto. Was Boz Scaggs Canadian or something?
- Patton: You guys like that shit? Weird.
- Roddy: Sometimes we play that song, people don't really get it, but I felt a real connection there. You guys love Boz Scaggs?
- Patton: Boz. Scaggs.

In Easy intro:
- Patton: This is kind of the morning after pill.

After Easy:
- Patton: It's like a fuckin' high school dance up in here.
- Roddy: Everything good out here? This little section ok, you guys doing ok right here?
- Patton: Oh trouble?
- Roddy: Everything good?
- Patton: Trouble? Are there some bears out there?
- Roddy: There was a little scuffle going on, I was just checking in. Everything's ok down here?
- Patton: This next song is for you, it goes something like this
- Patton: You guys take care of yourselves

After Be Aggressive:
- Patton: Everybody still with us? I though you guys might, you know... half the crowd would be gone to go see some hockey shit or something. Skate around and do whatever you guys do. Curling. Curling outside. Curling.

Before Superhero:
- Patton: Thank you guys. Is this better than your High School prom? I didn't have one. Did you go to your prom?
- Roddy: Yes I did.
- Patton: What happened? What happened?
- Roddy: Uhhh... I think there was some cocaine involved. Do people still do cocaine at proms? In California that was a very big thing, cocaine at proms.
- Patton: I wouldn't know nothin' about that.
- Roddy: Everybody, raise your hand, cocaine and proms, or no, not so much? Is it a California thing? I guess it's Californian.
- Patton: We're cool like that.
- Roddy: Sorry, don't judge me. You look like you're judging....
- Patton: What do you guys do at proms? What, incest? I mean what's cool here? I'm kidding. Hey, air-drummer, he agrees. That's right. He went to his fuckin' prom. Look at him. Look at him!
- Roddy: Get that shirt back off! There you go big boy. Squeal!
- Patton: Go go go go go go, suck that dick suck that dick, go go go!

After Superhero:
- Roddy: You're awful nice Toronto, thanks a lot, thanks for having us.

On return for encore:
- Roddy: Thanks you guys. This is champagne. I got it back stage. I just felt so victorious. I was like, "Let's drink some champagne."
- Patton: I'd do the same thing, but I'd put pee pee in there.
- Roddy: It's like Oprah, or who is it, yeah Oprah. And we ordered a bottle for every one of you! It's waiting at door on your way out! We have a new record coming out, this is uh, one of the songs from the record. I just put that out there in case some of you are confused.

After Matador:
- Patton: Was that kind of a downer for you guys? A little bit of a downer? A little bit? Why are you standing up then? See if I were in a theatre I'd be sitting in my seat, like a civilian! Look at these guys. If that's what you wanna do. This'll put you in the mood.

After Digging The Grave:
- Patton: Thank you, it's like a high school reunion. One more for ya. That will, that will help us all leaving on a good note. OK? It's kinda like a peace offering to Canada. Since they fucked us at the border today. Peace brother, our Canadian brother. Thank you for coming. Great to see you, it's been a fucking long time. It's kinda that you're still into us, we don't really get that, but, we'll take it. We appreciate it, and uh, one more song, enjoy. Where's the air-drummer on this one?
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1990 Metropol, Berlin Germany
1993 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney NSW, Australia
1995 The Edge, Orlando FL, USA