Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Maida Vale Studio
London, England
Separation Anxiety
Sunny Side Up
This Guy's in Love with You (Burt Bacharach)
Sol Invictus cover
Other cover
12th July 2015: BBC Radio 1 Rock Show
Video broadcast did not include Matador
Video: Broadcast
Audio: FM broadcast
Roddy and Patton are interviewed before each song in the video broadcast.

Before Superhero:
- Roddy: We started our session today playing Superhero because it's one that we're probably super comfortable with. We've played it on a couple of television shows, it felt pretty solid.

Before Sunny Side Up:
- Roddy: We've been on tour for a while... not that long, almost, you know, like, three weeks. So we've been doing live shows, live shows, live shows, with audience, so it's a rare opportunity that we get to come in and really hear our instruments as clearly as we hear them in the headphones in the studio that we did today. So it's a blessing and it's really cool, I think it sounds really great, but at the same time it's like, a super super intense magnifying glass and we all like hear everything so much clearer than we've been hearing it for the past ...
- Patton: Sometimes too clear. Like naked, like woo. I've been covering that up for all this time. Ooo, what happened, I can't really hit that note.
- Roddy: So we listened back and it's like woah waoh.
- Patton: Kinda sounds like a different band.
- Roddy: Sunny Side Up will be a challenge to play. I'm gonna play keyboards, live piano on this one. That's the way we recorded it in our studio, and it sounded really great. It was sort of a neat time for us, recording for our record, when we started to bring in the real piano, it sort of changed things, brought in a tone and a texture that was, like, live and organic and felt like, real. So it's nice that here we're gonna play live piano and try to replicate that sound.
- Patton: In fact the piano here will be better than the one we used on the record.
- Roddy: Guaranteed.

Before This Guy's In Love With You:
- Patton: Who doesn't love Burt Bacharach? We, I think we've been talking about doing one of his tunes... I mean... so many good ones to choose from. Is that one of the first ones we ever tried?
- Roddy: I think it's the first... I think This Guy's In Love is the first one that we did... I remember we tried it in Washington DC a long long ago. It's something, I don't know, it has a real twist, he's such a crafty song writer. It's a song that we've always really loved. We'll be playing it today, I think this is the first time we've ever recorded this song.
- Patton: Yeah, it's true.
- Roddy: I'm going to play live piano on it again, and we're gonna have a go at it and see how it goes.
- Patton: And I'll try not to mess it up.
- Roddy: We'll see, hopefully the tempo will be good. Because that's tricky.
- Patton: Shut your mouth!

Before Separation Anxiety:
- Roddy: Separation Anxiety is a tricky song to play for everyone I think but me. I'm just, you know, move my fingers around, move around like a monkey, but everyone else really has to, uh, it's a very intense exercise of people's finesse. It's always a hard one to play. But it's one of the songs on our new record that has an awful lot of energy, and a lot of fizziness. And we don't go there that often on this record, so it sort of sticks out the record as that.
- Patton: It's like a light switch. On! Once the song starts it's on, and it pretty much stays on. It's not that hard for me either personally, but our poor bassist, guitarist and drummer are just like ... tap tap tap, they're just like, on the typewriter. Like, carpal tunnel, type of, song.
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