Sunday, 21 June 2015
Graspop Metal Meeting
Dessel, Belgium
Henry Mancini, "The Pink Panther Theme"
Land of Sunshine
Black Friday
Everything's Ruined
Midlife Crisis
interlude Boz Scaggs, "Lowdown"
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Separation Anxiety
Last Cup of Sorrow
Ashes to Ashes

Sol Invictus
Just a Man
Sol Invictus cover
Angel Dust cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Album Of The Year cover
The Real Thing cover
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Audience recording
Audio: Audience recording
Before Evidence:
- Patton: Hello! We are Faith No More.

After Evidence solo:
- Patton: People? Is this a metal meeting? A metal meeting? If so, put your hands up, put your hands up.

Before Matador:
- Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen we have a new song we'll be performing for you next. Everybody just have a seat for this one.

In Matador intro:
- Patton: Go ahead. Sit down. Sit! It's ok. What's gonna happen?

After Matador:
- Patton: Thank you. Everybody ok? It's ok, it's almost over. We want to thank you guys for suffering with us. OK? Just jah jah... thanks, no, thank you.
- Roddy: Thank you for being here.
- Patton: Yes, thank you. It's good!
- Roddy: All of you!
- Patton: It's good!

During Ashes to Ashes intro:
- Patton: One more song! Oh shit, two more songs. Fuck!

Before Superhero:
- Patton: OK. Now... we've got one more song.
- Roddy: It's a good one!
- Patton: Yeah, I think it's a good one.
- Roddy: It's really good!
- Patton: But, thanks you guys for sticking around, and, you know, being patient with us. Awesome, thank you. Really really sweet! Mwah mwah!

After Superhero:
- Patton: Faith No More. Nameste. Thanks guys. Have a good night. Mwah!

Usual big stupid ending to Just A Man, turns into a little jam of the main Just A Man riff, before ending.

After Just A Man:
- Patton: Thank you so much guys. Appreciate it. Ciao ciao! Mwah!
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1986 The Farm, San Francisco CA, USA
1990 Lepakko, Helsinki Finland
1992 Fussballstadion St. Jakob, Basel Switzerland
2009 Southside Festival, Neuhausen ob Eck, Tuttlingen Germany
2021 CANCELLED Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart Germany
2022 CANCELLED Westfalenhalle, Dortmund Germany