Thursday, 26 April 1990
Birmingham, England
Setlist albums:
The Real Thing cover The Real Thing 5
Other cover Other 1
We Care A Lot cover We Care A Lot 1
[Setlist incomplete]
The Real Thing
Underwater Love
Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
Surprise! You're Dead!
Why Do You Bother?
intro Sinéad O'Connor, "Nothing Compares 2U"
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
Zombie Eaters
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The Guardian, 26 April 1990, page 28 Arts and Entertainment
In The Real Thing intro: "shut up Tim, shut. up."
Before Sweet Dreams: "This song is dedicated to Johnny Fart Pants. Alright listen *fart noise*. Hey, I can do that on cue you know?"
Surprise! You're Dead!
Just before Why Do You Bother Patton sings "Nothing compares to you", just that one line
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Year Venue State/Country
1993 Festival Hall, Brisbane QLD, Australia