Friday, 22 June 1990
Nummirock Festival
Kauhajoki, Finland
Setlist albums:
The Real Thing cover The Real Thing 11
Introduce Yourself cover Introduce Yourself 4
Other cover Other 1
Angel Dust cover Angel Dust 1
We Care A Lot cover We Care A Lot 1
From Out Of Nowhere
Falling To Pieces
Introduce Yourself
The Real Thing
Underwater Love
As The Worm Turns
The Crab Song
Edge Of The World
The Morning After
Chinese Arithmetic
We Care A Lot
Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars
Zombie Eaters
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
(Jim's Drum solo/Mike's guitar solo)
Easy (Commodores)
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