Sunday, 25 November 1990
Mississauga, ON, Canada
Setlist albums:
The Real Thing cover The Real Thing 9
Introduce Yourself cover Introduce Yourself 3
Other cover Other 1
Angel Dust cover Angel Dust 1
We Care A Lot cover We Care A Lot 1
Toto, "Big Battle" (Dune soundtrack)
From Out Of Nowhere
Falling To Pieces
Introduce Yourself
The Real Thing
outro Public Enemy, "911 Is A Joke"
As the Worm Turns
Edge Of The World
The Crab Song
We Care A Lot
middle New Kids On The Block, "The Right Stuff"
Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars

Zombie Eaters
Easy (Commodores)
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
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Headline side-show from Robert Plant support.
Before Edge Of The World: "OK Mississauga! How you guys doing... good?"
Edge of the World is dedicated to anyone that went to "that Chinese restaurant that serves special tea after 2am" and for anyone that met a special person tonight.
Before The Crab Song Patton yells at Jim to "start the fucking song" then gets the crowd to yell "start the song cum sock!"
Before Easy: "This next song is a stage diving song"
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1987 Hugs, Louisville KY, USA
1989 Live Tonight, Hoboken NJ, USA
1992 Brixton Academy, London England
1997 Stadthalle Offenbach, Offenbach a.M. Germany