Monday, 24 April 1995
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA, USA
supported by Steel Pole Bathtub
Setlist albums:
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime 9
Angel Dust cover Angel Dust 4
Introduce Yourself cover Introduce Yourself 3
The Real Thing cover The Real Thing 3
Other cover Other 1
Non-Album Track cover Non-Album Track 1
John Barry, "Beat Girl"
Digging The Grave
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
The Crab Song
Surprise! You're Dead!
What A Day
We Care A Lot
Easy (Commodores)
Introduce Yourself
Get Out
Zombie (Cranberries)
King For A Day
Just A Man

The Last To Know
I Started A Joke (Bee Gees)
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

From Out of Nowhere
CV Database
Audience recording (cut at Gentle Art, last two songs from CVDB review)

San Francisco Examiner, 17 March 1995, page C1 - gig listing
San Francisco Examiner, 9 April 1995, page 2 Datebook - Warfield ad
Press Democrat Santa Rosa, 16 April 1995, page Q9 - FNM article
Press Democrat Santa Rosa, 23 April 1995, page 26 - gig listing - 8pm, $17.50
Before Midlife Crisis Dean starts to play The Crab Song but the band say "shut up new guy"
Patton gets a girl from the front with a nose ring up on stage for Zombie. She sings the song really well. Patton keeps calling her Delores.
Before Just A Man:
- Roddy: "Are we doing another song?"
- Patton: "Would you like to do another song, Roddy?"
- Roddy: "People are throwing coins so... Heads, do another song, Tails, it's goodnight... HEADS!"
- Patton: "This song is about each and every one of you, and each and one of us"
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1990 Apollo Theatre, Manchester England
1993 Hey Hey It's Saturday, Melbourne VIC, Australia
1993 ANU, Canberra ACT, Australia
2015 The Wiltern, Los Angeles CA, USA