?? April 1986
Johnny D's
Boston, MA, USA
Details of this gig are questioned.
[No setlist details]
Seen on a live recording list as "1986 johnny d's boston 50 min"

"Your Flesh" Issue #11 (1986) - Trisha Carney interview pages 10 & 11 - Indicates that Faith No More didn't tour outside of California until Feb 1986 with three shows: two in Arizona before one in Austin on 6th March.

Boston Groupie News:
"When Faith No More played their first Boston gig there [at Johnny D's], they were about a month shy of having a college radio hit and barely made enough to cover their drinks."

Steve Morse, "From Jock To Rock", Boston Globe, 24th July 1986 says: "... Johnny D's, a nearby rock club with a reputation for oblique but often simpatico bookings of local art bands and garage-rock outfits. Curiously, the club dropped music earlier this year, started it again, then dropped it again."

There are articles from 1987 which suggest Johnny D's was still having bands play then.
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