Sunday, 03 August 1986
Beach Scene Festival
San Pedro
Los Angeles, CA, USA
with Sparks, Perri, the Rave-ups, Blow-up, Firehose, Fishbone, Zerimar, Danny Wilde, Fortune, Dexter, the Mutts and Korean singer Mary D.
Details of this gig are questioned.
[No setlist details]
Date could be 2nd or 3rd of August.

Google news archive search 1986 has article from "Daily News of Los Angeles" (Jul 31, 1986) listing Faith No More among artists playing at the First Annual Beach Scene Festival on Saturday and Sunday (2nd and 3rd August).

Sparks bootleg (Halfnelson Demos) exists from Sparks gig at First Annual Beach Scene Festival on 3rd August 1986.

Reviews of the gig from Los Angeles Times don't mention Faith No More.
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