Friday, 07 October 1983
On Broadway
San Francisco, CA, USA
with Helios Creed, If Then Why, Fade To Black
[No setlist details]
Flyer for gig "Friday, 7th October", billed as "Faith. No More."

eBay link (very unlikely to be 1988 as listed)

The 1983 FNM demo tape indicates that the 11th October 1983 was Faith No More's first gig. Either the demo tape is incorrect, or Faith No More were billed for this 7th October gig and didn't play.

Given this date has a flyer and the 11th doesn't, the 7th is a Friday (while 11th is a Tuesday), we believe the 7th is the more likely date for the "first gig" demo recording. Perhaps the "11th" is the date of the recording of the studio demo side of that tape?

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