Tuesday, 26 January 1993
Huntridge Theater
Las Vegas, NV, USA
supported by Babes In Toyland and Kyuss
[Setlist from memory]
Be Aggressive
Easy (Commodores)
We Care A Lot
Crack Hitler
Woodpecker From Mars
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Kyuss "On tour with Faith No More" postcard with support dates
List of Kyuss gigs (typo on state)

Las Vegas Review - Journal - 18 Dec 1992 - "Faith No More, the progressive rock band with a wicked sense of humor, returns to Las Vegas for a show on Jan. 26 at the Huntridge Performing Arts Theatre. Babes In Toyland and Kyuss open the 7:30 p.m. show... Faith No More has played Las Vegas twice before, at Calamity Jayne's in 1990 and as Metallica's opening act the year before. Babes In Toyland _ cited by the Los Angeles Times as one of the year's most promising bands, and Kyuss both played the Huntridge recently; Babes in late October and Kyuss a week later as a Danzig opening act."

Mike Weatherford in Las Vegas Review - Journal 28 Jan 1993 - review - "The band need not apologize for refusing to pander to a potential audience, but the songs were better live, without the cluttered production and special effects distorting lead singer Mike Patton's vocals." - partial setlist from this review

Mike Weatherford in Las Vegas Review - Journal 26 Dec 1993 included the gig in his top ten for the year at number 9: "9. Faith No More, Jan. 25, Huntridge Performing Arts Theatre _ A band with old-fashioned musicianship as well as an attitude pushed "alternative" rock beyond the commercial limits imposed on it." - I assume the date is a typo
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