Tuesday, 12 June 1990
Mason Jar
Phoenix, AZ, USA
with Circus Of Power
[No setlist details]
Flyer for gig @ Flickr
Arizona Republic, 3rd June 1990, page E8, gig listing
Arizona Republic, 8th June 1990, page D5 gig listing (lists "Mason Jar, 2303 E. Indian High School Road" as the venue)
Arizona Republic, 12th June 1990, page B5, Mason Jar
Arizona Republic, 10th June 1990, page E8:
- "East side, west side, all around the town. That's the way the venue for rock funksters Faith No More has shifted. The band originally was booked at the Caravan Convention Center on East Van Buren. Then the venue shifted to Rocker's at 39th Avenue and Indian School Road. Now the band is set to play the Mason Jar at 23rd Street and Indian School Road on Tuesday. Circus of Power opens the bill at 9pm. Tickets are $13.50 in advance and $14.50 on Tuesday. They're available at Dillard's"