Tuesday, 11 July 1989
WNYU Metallurgy
New York, NY, USA
From Out Of Nowhere
Underwater Love
Falling To Pieces
Edge Of The World
Surprise! You're Dead!
no piano part at end
The Real Thing cover
Broadcast on WNYU
Audio: FM Broadcast
Before Edge of the World: "Hey hey New York, you know, it's really great to be here..."
Before Epic: "This is our last song so listen goddamn it, call up on the goddamn phone. I dedicate this song to Ed Lover."

During the interview Patton tells the story about seeing Milli Vanilli after having played the Roxy.
Patton says they only got back from overseas after doing "5 dates for the press"
Patton says he joined "about 8 months ago"
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1987 Antenna Club, Memphis TN, USA
1990 The Fast Lane 2, Asbury Park NJ, USA
1993 Rock Summer Festival, Tallinn Estonia
1997 CANCELLED Beach Bum Rock Festival, Venice Italy
2010 Exit Festival, Novi Sad Serbia
2020 CANCELLED Mad Cool Festival, Madrid Spain