Friday, 01 September 1989
Central Tavern
Seattle, WA, USA
Chinese Arithmetic
intro Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, "It Takes Two"
Falling To Pieces
Introduce Yourself
From Out Of Nowhere
The Real Thing
Underwater Love
no piano part at end
We Care A Lot
middle MARRS, "Pump Up The Volume"
The Crab Song
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars

Paradise (Sade)
Edge Of The World
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)

Louis Armstrong, "What A Wonderful World"
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Other cover
Video: Audience recording
Before Introduce Yourself:
- Patton: "Thanks Seattle you wanna hear an old one?!"

Before From Out Of Nowhere:
- Bill: This song is for uh, our roommate in San Francisco, her name is Carman. This is for her mother, Danielle.
- Patton: Hey hey this is our new single of our new record it's called The Real Thing this song's called From Out Of Nowhere and here it goes!

Before The Real Thing:
- Patton: Hey all fuck is it going eh? This song is the title track from our new record called The Real Thing this song is called The Real Thing and here is goes!

Before Epic:
- Jim: Alright! Seattle. It's been a while since we've been here.
- Patton: I've never been here.
- Jim: How do you like the new guy?
- Roddy: How do you like them Mike?
- Patton: I like 'em, a little bit. They're kinda cool dude.
- Jim: Yo... yo yo.
- Patton: So hey...
- Bill: ... oh never mind.
- Patton: Guess what man? Our manager is on this crusade. The guy is on a diet man, he's hating life. And he's got to lower his cholesterol level, right? Now this means he must give up, the cow. Now he needs some fucking support because he's not doing a fucking good job, I caught him today eating ice-cream and shit. So everybody in this fucking mother-fucker tonight has gotta say, "Give up the cow, John" on three... one, two, three...
- Crowd: Give up the cow John!
- Patton: This song is called Epic!

During the intro of The Crab Song Patton puts on an old man mask and antagonises Jim and Roddy.
- Jim: Horrifying

Before Surprise! You're Dead:
- Patton: Let's fuckin' get ugly hey? This song's called Surprise! You're Dead!

Paradise cover includes drum and bass and Patton vocals.

During War Pigs Patton antagonises Jim again, pushing him and saying "I'll kick your fucking ass".
In the middle of the song someone gets on stage and takes the mic from Patton and screams into it. Roddy pushes him to get him off stage, Patton: "Now where were we?" - the crowd sings some and Patton catches up.

After War Pigs:
- Patton : Time to say goodnight. Thanks for coming out, so good evening. We'll see you soon Seattle!