Thursday, 01 February 1990
Leeds University
Leeds, England
Toto, "Big Battle" (Dune soundtrack)
From Out Of Nowhere
Falling To Pieces
Introduce Yourself
The Real Thing
Underwater Love
The Crab Song
As The Worm Turns
Zombie Eaters
Surprise! You're Dead!
We Care A Lot
Woodpecker From Mars

Edge Of The World
R n' R
The Morning After

(Jim Martin drum solo)
Death March
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
We Care A Lot cover
Audio: Audience recording
Before The Real Thing: "Hello Leeds how're you doing?"
Right at the end of Underwater Love: "Hey take it easy goddamn it Jesus Christ!" - crowd chants You Fat Bastard.
Before The Crab Song: "This song is dedicated to the bouncers - this will mellow you guys out, by the end of the song you'll be asleep, then all of you guys can come on stage haha!"
Before We Care A Lot: "You guy's alright? These guys aren't beating you up right? Just remember there's (counts) nine of them and how many of you?"
Crowd chants for War Pigs in the encore.
Out of encore "We have special guest tonight, 65 year old drummer Jim Martin."
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1988 Tartan Bar, Leeds University, Leeds England
1993 The Terrace, Austin TX, USA