Tuesday, 11 May 1993
Auckland Town Hall
Auckland, New Zealand
[Setlist incomplete]
Be Aggressive
As The Worm Turns
The Crab Song
Midlife Crisis
Land Of Sunshine
We Care A Lot
Chinese Arithmetic
Crack Hitler
Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
Edge Of The World
Falling To Pieces
Death March
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars
Angel Dust cover
Introduce Yourself cover
The Real Thing cover
Other cover
We Care A Lot cover
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Audience recording (encore missing)
Video: Audience recording (incomplete)
Midlife Crisis pauses for the crowd to sing, which they don't... after a pause the crowd chants You Fat Bastards. The band are silent until they start the song again.

Before Crack Hitler:
- Roddy: Was anybody here last time we played? How do the two shows compare, I'm curious. This one? Just curious. Yeah, what does this mean, is that flattery, or is that you don't like me. I'm just curious.
- Patton: So this is a New Zealand thing huh? You guys like this sort of thing. All right. Yeah, local culture! Woo! I think I could get used to it here. I'm gonna move here. Do this all the time. Fuck you man! Oh New Zealand! This is what I learned from New Zealand. Fuck you!
- Roddy: Hey Mike?! Fuck you! Fuck YOU.
- Patton: Feels good doesn't it?! Fuck everyone! Fuck me!

At the end of Edge Of The World the crowd sings, Patton tells Roddy to shut up, "Hey shut up, let them do it... shut up!"

After Woodpecker From Mars:
- Patton: Oh god... You know what I was noticing during that break. That the band is horribly out of tune. In fact I can hear the bass is about a quarter step flat from the rest of the band.
- Roddy: ??? flat?
- Patton: You know what this is New Zealand, fuck you! Am I wrong?
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