Saturday, 17 July 1993
Phoenix Festival
Stratford-upon-Avon, England
with Butthole Surfers, Young Gods, Billy Bragg and many more
The Final Countdown remix
Be Aggressive
As the Worm Turns
The Crab Song
Midlife Crisis
Land of Sunshine
We Care a Lot
Chinese Arithmetic
intro "Twin Peaks" theme
A Small Victory
Edge Of The World
Falling To Pieces
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars

Zombie Eaters
Let's Lynch The Landlord (Dead Kennedys)
intro 16 Tons
Easy (Commodores)

Introduce Yourself
Mark Bowen
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
We Care A Lot cover
Non-Album Track cover
Bootleg: Caffeine (partial)
Bootleg: Evidence (partial)
Bootleg: Classic Traxx
Bootleg: Phoenix Rising
Video: Audience recording
Audio: Soundboard bootleg
Jim's last gig.
During The Crab Song intro, Patton: "This song is dedicated to GG Allen. Let's have a moment of silence for GG Allen, who unfortunately passed away on the toilet this morning. Jim silence, just for a second... OK, go ahead, go head..."

Midlife Crisis pause, Patton: "Silly! Stop it, singing and dancing, you silly people. Silly Silly."

Before A Small Victory:
- Roddy: Thank you very much. What's new, you guys good?
- Bill: Anything we can help you with?
- Roddy: Heard any good rumours lately?
- Patton: Got to be something
- Roddy: It's all true. Jim is gay.
- Patton: Everybody's quitting, it's all over. Woo! It feels great! I admit it!

Before Edge Of The World, Patton: "You guys go on any rides today? What's the best one? Did you go on the one where everything spins around, then you stick to the walls? Ever see anyone vomit in one of those? Guess what it does?"

Before Falling To Pieces:
- Bill: This is the last time you'll ever hear this song again.
- Patton: Prophetic words from Bill Gould! Fuckin' A!
- Roddy: *screams* Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

Before Jizzlobber, Patton: "It's warm, and it's yellow, and it's all for me. Thank you darling, for this fine yellow fluid... it's all for me, it's all for me, it's all for me!"
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1989 CANCELLED Peabody's DownUnder, Cleveland OH, USA
1990 Hammerjacks, Baltimore MD, USA
1992 RFK Stadium, Washington DC, USA
1995 Sport Hall, Zaragoza Spain
1997 Sky Club Brumlovka, Prague Czech Republic
2010 Forestglade Festival, Wiesen Austria