Sunday, 22 February 2015
Soundwave Festival
Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
includes Meghan Trainor, "All About That Bass"
From Out of Nowhere
Get Out
Midlife Crisis
interlude "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
Everything's Ruined
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Cuckoo for Caca
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes

I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
As the Worm Turns
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Angel Dust cover
Sol Invictus cover
The Real Thing cover
Album Of The Year cover
Non-Album Track cover
We Care A Lot cover
Audio: Audience recording
Video: Audience recording
Before From Out Of Nowhere:
- Patton: Melbs! Thanks guys, everything ok?

Before Evidence:
- Roddy: Hello! What is up Melbourne? Are you rockin'? Fuck yes!
- Patton: How about a little romance?

In Evidence intro:
- Patton: Take this time, before you pass out in your own vomit, to kiss the person next to you.

After Get Out:
- Patton: Thank you guys
- Roddy: Well played band, well played.
- Patton: Yeah, you think so?
- Roddy: Nice work.
- Patton: Hey where's that squirt gun you fuckers? Where is that fucking thing? Can you give me a hit?
- Roddy: Look at that big sexy squirter. Oh yeah.
- Patton: Was it good for you?
- Roddy: He just let it out.
- Patton: A fuckin' facial my friends

Midlife Crisis pauses, crowd sings, Patton: "What was that song you were just singing?"

After Easy solo:
- Patton: Come on you fuckheads

After Easy:
- Patton: That's for you in the cheap seats back there!

In Cuckoo For Caca intro:
- Patton: Eat the poo poo! Eat the poo poo!

After Cuckoo For Caca:
- Patton: Thanks guys!
- Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen? Are you ok? Are we making a connection here? Fuck yes we are!
- Patton: Kinda like one of those connections on the footy field? Yeah? In the Aussie Rules where the guy's like bend over to stick a thumb up his ass?
- Roddy: Yes, a connection.
- Patton: What do they call it, the Shocker I think it's called? The Shocker? Are we giving you the Shocker? Or are you giving it to us? Never heard of that, yeah liar!

In King For A Day intro:
- Patton: I'll give you one fuckhead. Actually I think I want to give to look... the singer of Exploited is here. We've got Robbie from the Exploited is here, front row. You think he needs a Shocker? Two?!

After Ashes To Ashes:
- Patton: Hey hey! Still with us? How many of you guys have been here all fucking day? Really? Jesus
- Roddy: How did it go?
- Patton: Yeah yeah yeah.
- Roddy: How was the day?
- Patton: How would you rate this day?
- Roddy: That a seven?
- Patton: Sounds kinda like a four to me.
- Roddy: A four on a scale of one to four! Am I right?
- Patton: What would you guys say, what was the best shit you saw today? Oh stop it. Come on, any other bands, help me out. You know, you realise guys we're fucking old man.
- Roddy: Fifty one.
- Patton: No shit? How old are you ??
- Roddy Fifty one
- Patton: Jesus! Fifty two he wins! He's the winner. Jon? Twenty nine yeah yeah me too. I'm forty seven and I feel eighty seven. Really how old are you? You son of a bitch.
- Roddy: Did you say forty six?
- Patton: Forty six.
- Roddy: Wow I didn't know you were the youngest Jon. Hey we're gonna play a new song!
- Patton: It's true.
- Roddy: Sometimes when old bands say that everyone goes oh, but no not the case. We're gonna play a new song! Fuck yes!

After Superhero:
- Roddy: Thanks you guys, so much. Thanks a lot that was fun. Thanks.

In I Started A Joke intro:
- Patton: A little indigenous music here

After As The Worm Turns:
- Patton: Thanks for listening Melbourne!
- Roddy: Thanks you guys you're awful sweet.
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1986 Stardust Ballroom, Los Angeles CA, USA
2010 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney NSW, Australia
2021 CANCELLED Horncastle Arena, Christchurch New Zealand