Tuesday, 26 January 1993
Huntridge Theater
Las Vegas, NV, USA
with Babes In Toyland and Kyuss
Setlist albums:
Angel Dust cover Angel Dust 3
The Real Thing cover The Real Thing 2
Introduce Yourself cover Introduce Yourself 1
[Setlist incomplete]
Easy (Commodores)
Crack Hitler
Woodpecker From Mars
We Care A Lot
Be Aggressive
List of Kyuss gigs (typo on state)
Las Vegas Review - Journal - 18 Dec 1992 - "Faith No More, the progressive rock band with a wicked sense of humor, returns to Las Vegas for a show on Jan. 26 at the Huntridge Performing Arts Theatre. Babes In Toyland and Kyuss open the 7:30 p.m. show... Faith No More has played Las Vegas twice before, at Calamity Jayne's in 1990 and as Metallica's opening act the year before. Babes In Toyland _ cited by the Los Angeles Times as one of the year's most promising bands, and Kyuss both played the Huntridge recently; Babes in late October and Kyuss a week later as a Danzig opening act."

Mike Weatherford in Las Vegas Review - Journal 28 Jan 1993 - review - "The band need not apologize for refusing to pander to a potential audience, but the songs were better live, without the cluttered production and special effects distorting lead singer Mike Patton's vocals." - partial setlist from this review

Mike Weatherford in Las Vegas Review - Journal 26 Dec 1993 included the gig in his top ten for the year at number 9: "9. Faith No More, Jan. 25, Huntridge Performing Arts Theatre _ A band with old-fashioned musicianship as well as an attitude pushed "alternative" rock beyond the commercial limits imposed on it." - I assume the date is a typo
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