Tuesday, 25 August 1992
Phoenix International Raceway
Phoenix, AZ, USA
supporting Metallica and Guns'n'Roses
Setlist albums:
Angel Dust cover Angel Dust 5
The Real Thing cover The Real Thing 3
Introduce Yourself cover Introduce Yourself 2
Death March
Land Of Sunshine
The Real Thing
Midlife Crisis
Surprise! You're Dead!
We Care A Lot
middle Del tha Funky Homosapien, "Mistadobalina"
CV Database
GN'R Setlist Almanac 1992

Audience recording (from Midlife crisis, start of setlist assumed)

Arizona Republic, 7 Jul 1992, page B1
South Florida Sun Sentinel, 21 Jul 1992, page 3E - list of dates
Hartford Courant, 20 Aug 1992, page A2
Before RV, Patton: "You guys down there right there seem to be enjoying yourselves a little too much for a show like this. Don't you understand you're not supposed to have a good time. That's the whole point man!"

Before Jizzlobber, Bill: "I've always wondered what would happen if a penny hit me right in the head at full speed"
Patton asks if the crowd has any drug paraphernalia or Special K.
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